I guess it was two years ago that I got excited and bought floating floorboards for my van. They have been stacked ever since, patiently waiting for me to lay them. Today was the day!

The place was a bit of a mess after my various construction efforts already this week, so the first thing to do was to clean up.

I also finished sealing around the new bits of the floor where the wheel arches used to be.

Then I had to roll out the foam underlay. Is laying floating floors a one-person job? Probably not. But, I had some help from ‘The Great Artists’.

Then it was time for boards. The first few rows were a bit frustrating. Despite reading the instructions, I couldn’t get them to lay flat. After a few fruitless phone calls (my brother couldn’t help unless he could see what I was doing) I stopped, had some fluids and stepped back for a bit. Eventually I realised I was trying to lay the boards from right to left instead of left to right, so was in effect lifting up the board I had just fitted to put in the new one. I checked and nowhere on the packets or in online tutorials does it GIVE THIS SIMPLE INSTRUCTION!

Anyway, once I worked that out, it soon became as simple as everyone claims and I had floors in no time.

FLOORS! I have floors! I did this! By myself! In 35 degree weather!

Yep. I’m pretty pleased.