I have enough clothes. I have more than enough.
Yet as it gets colder I look at my clothes and think – ‘ah, what am I going to wear?’.

My wardrobe takes up half a caravan. You would not think it to look at the bulging racks, but this is what is left after years of ruthless culling.

A few years ago, I was inspired by Pip to do a year of ethical fashion. That made a lasting difference to my wardrobe. I have always sewn and made clothes, so am fussy about fabric and workmanship. I keep and wear my clothes for years and years – yesterday I wore a skirt I bought in about 1999. But the pledge I made that year made me stop and think before I bought the cute cheap top on sale, and so I bought much less.

The most significant legacy though seems to have been that it stopped me from developing the comfort with online shopping that most of my friends have. I am lucky – things online are pretty and I know my wardrobe would just explode with cute dresses and free delivery!

Instead, my weakness is op-shops. You can guarantee that every day I am wearing something second-hand. I never go in needing something, but I always seem to find something I needed. I am as fussy with op-shop clothes as I am with new – it has to be good quality and well made – but it is amazing what you can find. And recently I got a huge stash of 80s and 90s pieces from my friend’s Mum. All her things had been in storage for years and it was a goldmine.

So, I have enough clothes. I know that I do. And years ago I made the decision to only keep clothes that felt great on and made me happy when I wore them – so I have enough great clothes. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from staring blankly at the heaving racks trying to work out what to wear. I love dressing up and I like to look good, so having something to wear is important to me – but I need to get on with my day at some stage.

I recently made the decision that I would stop buying clothes. Even from op-shops (gasp!). I finally reached the point when I realised I have enough. I don’t know how long I will stop buying things for, but as long as I can.

It is amazing how already this little decision has tricked me into approaching getting dressed each day from the perspective of abundance. Instead of thinking about what I don’t have or wish I had, I look at what I have and how I can use it. It has made my outfits more interesting and getting dressed more fun.

I have started taking selfies every day – once I have a few I will do a post. I am already certain that each outfit will be completely different.

Love what you have, it’s that simple. I knew that.

(this post features pics from the ‘wardrobe’ end of one of my caravans)