Today at work I rearranged the art in our window gallery. At work. Because that is my job now!

Things were a bit busy at my work before I started, so they have not had the chance to rearrange the display of local art in a few months. But with NAIDOC week upon us things needed to be moved around to highlight the indigenous artists, so I put up my hand to give it a go.

I spent the morning taking things off and on walls and shuffling around furniture. It gave me a chance to look more closely at the pieces we have on display. There are some great paintings and drawings, but mostly I was inspired by the emerging artists who are putting themselves out there and displaying their work.

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about an idea I have for a fibre art piece that involves cockatoos. Tonight as I drove home I decided I would finally pick up my pencils and do some studies.

I cannot remember exactly when I stopped drawing or why. It just seemed to dry up. The hope behind moving and down sizing was that I would create space in my life to find my art practice again. But, I have to admit I was scared that it wouldn’t be enough.

But being immersed in art today seemed to jolt something in me. This is what I do. Seeing other people do it just reminded me. I have to admit, I felt pretty shaky. Drawing and painring is something you need to practice, and I have definitely let that practice fall away. But it felt good to get something on paper.

I am not sure I have my flow back yet. But I can feel the start of it. Maybe it’s a trickle xx