I was thankful to have a shower and toilet on the block when I bought it. I’m not evolved enough yet to be able to live without running hot water.

A few things needed to be done before I could use it properly though and so getting the bathroom done was a key thing to finish so I could move in.

I discovered that the toilet that was installed didn’t fit. It was the wrong type of toilet for the type of floor and was propped up with bits of wood. So, I called my brother who is a plumber in the N.T. to find out what I needed to do.

Going to the plumbing supplier to get a pan offset collar was probably the handiest I felt during the whole renovation!

So, I insulated, lined and painted the walls (important). I put down waterproof floating flooring and installed a new toilet.

This was the most exciting bit…

A trip to Kmart later and I had a kitted out bathroom! I keep most of my things in the big white laundry tin to keep them away from curious mice.

I need to change the wiring in the shower end of the bathroom, so the walls are not finished at that end. But I do have a pretty shower curtain.

I was worried about having to go outside to the toilet and shower, but it really hasn’t been a hassle. I have fluffy slippers and a big dressing gown. The insulation I put in when it was 40 degrees is definitely appreciated now that it is getting below zero at night.