I found some photos of the early demolition stage of my van – from back in early 2013.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago, but it says it right there on the files! I have to remember to focus on how far I have come rather than how long it took. These pics really show how much there was to do.

The pics show the old showerand toilet in the middle of the caravan. The van was moved here from somewhere it had clearly been permanently set up. So, it had a toilet and shower and laundry and kitchen, but they were plumbed to varying degrees.

For a while I was even planning on keeping the toilet because I couldn’t imagine going outside to go to the toilet at night. But it was in a terrible state and keeping it there removed a lot of layout options, so we pulled it all out. I have re-used things – the laundry tub is now in the other caravan.

Removing the shower was particularly difficult. In these pics you can see my (then 75 year old) Dad using his trusty machete to remove the shower lining from the wall. Thankfully we did – it was all mouldy behind and rotted underneath.  You can see why it was difficult when you see the glue that remained on the wall.

I still have not replaced that window. I mean, I guess it depends on your perspective – no cold air gets in and it has a lobster, so it is an improvement.