For a long time, I did not think I would be able to fit my queen sized bed into my van. When I realised I could, I was thrilled.

For two reasons – one, I need space for pillows and two, my bed has sneaky storage underneath.

Storage is very, very handy in a caravan. I have had this bed for a long time – to fit it in the caravan I just cut off the too-big bed head.

The bed has enough room around it that it’s simple enough to make, but I can still reach and use the bookshelf.

The gaps in the shelf keep it from feeling claustrophobic, but it still feels like a separate space. The second door is also handy for going to the bathroom. And if I keep it open when I am having an afternoon nap, I feel like I am sneakily participating in the day.

I do not have much in my bedroom – cool line art by my friend Tim, some lamps, a heater, pictures of my family and some books that are supposed to make me smarter but just look pretty and gather dust. I have had that parasol for about 30 years – a family friend brought it home for me from an overseas trip. I love being able to see it rather than having t tucked away in a cupboard (or under the bed).