I am still on a high about my floors! Plus I have been to the hardware store!

I bought timber to do the skirting and desks and bookshelf.

I was very handy and continued to cut everything by hand (it’s just easier). I don’t have pictures of the skirting going in, but that was the first thing I did.

Then I ran timber shelves across the width of the van at both ends. I stained them with some decking stain and they look great.

Then to build the desk I ran timber across the van and attached it from the outside. I had to reinforce it in the middle and at the ends, but it worked almost exactly as planned.     I also had exactly the right amount of vinyl left over to cover the top. That was unplanned but saves me from sealing the timber and makes everything wipeable.

All my brushes and bits and pieces are already starting to feel at home.

So, now, I think… I can put in some furniture! So exciting!

(You can see the skirting in the pic above)