It has been a busy time! I made a flying visit to Melbourne to buy some furniture and pick up some things from my Mum’s garage.

Mum is not super enthusiastic about her little girl living 4 hours away, but she is very excited about having her garage back! She has been very patient.

One of the jobs I had to do was consolidate my fabric – I managed to get it down from 10 boxes to 3, which is much more caravan friendly!

The plan was to load up my friend’s horse float with my bed, things that had been in storage and some furniture I have been eyeing off at IKEA!

As part of my ‘get it done’ plan, I decided to put up an IKEA shelf in the van rather than building a proper wall with shelves. Because I am great at flat pack but the idea of building a wall, with shelves, from scratch, by myself, against the not always 90-degree angles in the van gives me anxiety. Cannot think why.

I got this one – it will *just* fit.

I also got this outdoor table that is the perfect size for my van and folds up.

I had planned to buy some furniture for my kitchen as well, but I came up with a better idea while I was standing in the store. IKEA truly is a magic place.

After a few days of packing and shopping, Sunday morning came and my friends and I loaded up the horse trailer like a game of Tetris with the flat-pack boxes, my queen size bed and mattress, a five-piece garden setting, a vintage red armchair, some paintings and boxes of books, fabric and kitchen wares.

My friends are 100% the best.

They couldn’t stay, so once we got to the end of our 300km trip and unpacked, I made them some sandwiches and they turned around and drove home.

Meanwhile, I got to work.

Now, I want to say – DO NOT MAKE THIS PIECE OF FURNITURE ON YOUR OWN. You can assemble it by yourself without too much of a problem – it is fiddly, but it’s not very hard. However, you really need two people to lift it. I got it half up and had to make a decision – dig deep and unleash your inner She-Ra or get crushed. It was pretty scary. This is why the instructions say ‘two people’. Learn from me – get a friend.

But look how perfectly it fits! My bed fits exactly as I measured as well.

I am rapt with how much stuff fits on these shelves – this is boxes and boxes of books. Plus a sewing machine and an overlocker, each in its own little cubby.

I got these festoon lights from ALDI and the look so fun (and provide plenty of light).

With all my bits and pieces, it is starting to look like a little home!