I have had some weekends in a row at home, just pottering around. I broke my foot so was not very mobile for a while. This for me means I was a tad behind in housework. Time at home to do laundry and tidy things up was called for.

So, of course, last weekend I painted my kitchen doors. I had the paint and I had the time – I had to do it. (I also did laundry, just FYI)

I did it on a whim and did not really think about the colours – fortunately, I like it. I love it compared to the timber panelling!

But, if you look up, you will see that the ceiling isn’t doing so well.

This afternoon while doing something completely different (of course) I had the idea to paper over the damaged ceiling. So, I did. I love weekends.

I have kept what some people light call and unnecessary amount of paper over the years. Cute wrapping paper, paper left over from projects, postcards, pages from books – it has all been carefully tucked away in plastic crates. Of course, I consolidated it all when I moved into my van but, there was still enough to cover my ceiling without making much of a dint.

This was so fun to do. After reinforcing some of the ceiling with timber where it was most damaged, I stuck each piece up with PVA and craft glue. It was like a giant collage – trying to find bits that went together and trying not to repeat bits too close to each other. It took my about four hours.

Is it full-on to look at? Definitely. It is a low ceiling and there is a lot of colour (lots of pink) and pattern right above you. But I love it SO MUCH! I know where each print, each pattern, each postcard is from. They remind me of people and places and times in my life. And it is just pretty.

I even did the inside of my pantry doors. Hi Gene 😘

Minimalist, it’s not. But it is very me.

And when you look back at what it used to look like…

… I’d rather spend time in it now.

This shot probably best shows the transformation I did to the kitchen back in February – I pulled out the broken fridge and replaced the dinky little sink with the salvaged laundry tub from the other van (and fashioned a benchtop and trimmed some salvaged laminate to size to go beside the sink – no big deal). Plus it is this tidy all the time because it has no plumbing to it yet and I do all my cooking outside. Just another way to cut down on that pesky housework!