I took possession of my little block of land in November 2012. Here’s what I found.

The block is bare, except for two caravans and a ‘shower shack’ (I cannot think of a better term). They are set-up well enough that I should be able to renovate them a little.

The block is covered in burrs. It actually used to have a saw mill on it and the clay soil has been neglected for many years (dry and hard – very hard).

But it has a natural slope toward the front of the block and the view is pretty good.


When I bought the block and vans, the previous owner had left but not taken any of their things. This meant there was plenty of rubbish, but also lots of little treasures.

The vans are classic 70s – Brown, brown everywhere.

Here are some of the photos I took over the first few days:





The shack has a toilet to the right and shower to the left. It is not lined, but it is plumbed.


The best bit, of course, is the peach tree.


So, that is how it started.