Construction has stalled somewhat on my van. I think some things have become bigger obstacles in my head than they actually were. I put this down to my lack of construction experience (who’d have thought).

But it’s a new year and I have a couple of weeks off work, so now is the time to pull on my boots and get building!
(In the most fashion-forward outfit I can muster, obviously)

One of the big ‘fix’ jobs holding up progress has been repairing the wall where the air-conditioning unit was. The air-con was removed a few years ago and the hole has been patched ever since.

It seemed like an overwhelmingly tricky job. I had painted all the wall except for this bit and it had become a bit of a thorn in my paw.

So today, I tackled it head on. I’ve found that it is best for me to do these things by myself – I can make all the decisions and can accept the sort of low-quality workmanship that my Dad works slowly and patiently to avoid. Not me. Today was a ‘GET IT DONE’ day!

That said, it worked out pretty well. I sealed and insulated the hole. Removed and back-filled the damaged bits of wall. Lined the whole wall with sarking and then created a patchwork of timber to create a new solid wall. Then I painted it all white to hide my sins.

Amongst all that, I didn’t take many photos. But here are some.

As you can see, I have also lined the bottom ends of the van. It finally occurred to me that I could use vinyl flooring for a cheap and acceptable way to cover underneath the windows. I tried to colour match it with my floorboards, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Almost there!