So it’s been a tricky few months trying to get project stuff done. The weather has not been great and when it has been ok it seems I’ve been away with work.

But for the past 2 weekends I’ve had TWO WHOLE DAYS to do work. And it has been great getting stuff done. Mostly I’ve been patching holes. And there are lots of holes.

The floor is now solid and sealed – you cannot even see outside! Amazing! And all various screw holes, vent pipes and other random bits are filled.

I even had time to sand and undercoat some walls and paint the whole ceiling. The advantage of a caravan is you don’t need a ladder to paint the ceiling!

I painted one wall blue, which I love. Art will look great on it and it will bring the outside in. The white undercoat looks pretty average, but I think I will leave it white for now, just so there is enough light in my studio. Which actually feels like is not that far away!