The outside of my van has gone from a demolition site, a storage shed and back again many times. When I was in Melbourne, it was a convenient place for Dad to store his boat, or trailer, or spare BBQs or those tires he picked up that he thought might fit his trailer. Between that and both of us holding onto things that ‘might come in handy’ later (it’s salvage not hoarding, honest), it was always a bit of a mess.

It is one of my main living spaces, so it really needed a facelift.

The plan was always to run decking along the length of the van, covering up the gap on the ground before the concrete and the gap under the van. I may still do that, but it requires more problem solving (and money).

I read that you could paint caravans with regular house paint, so I got some three sample pots – yellow, blue and a pink-red. I painted over the brown and started (and still have not finished) some roses.

Then I got rid of all the stuff. Windows, tires, tools – all of it! I realised that until I have decking. I have somewhere I can use as a little shed, so tools and spare paint are now stored in tubs under the van.

My friends Jac and Mike found a little armchair on a hard rubbish day and thought it would be perfect for my space. Which it is! Sitting in it, it occurred to me that I could brighten things up with some fake grass.

So now, finally, instead of rubble I have calming green (fake) grass

With my yellow chair and yellow table setting, it is all very bright. My step-mum said the other day that is getting quite a ‘hippy vibe’. I’m trying!




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  1. Ruth

    Hippy and happy. Looks beautiful. I am a big fan of the flamingo X

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