People are nice. Sometimes you forget that. Which makes it all the sweeter when a nice person reminds you.

Over the winter months I did not get much of a chance to get up to my block. When I did get up there last weekend it was to discover that the winter rain had been pretty good to the grass. Very good in fact.


It had been too wet for even my dedicated Dad to get up there and cut the grass and now we thought it needed to be slashed.

I do not have a slasher. Or even a decent mower.

My initial solution to this grassy dilemma was to hang up my hammock and contemplate the start of the spring sunshine and the emerging peach blossoms. The first few hours when I get up to the country I just want to wind down. I like to sit quietly and feel the tension of city life ebbing away.



But something did have to be done about the grass.
We asked around and a friend knew someone just out of town who we could hire to slash the block.

So we popped out to his farm and found him in his veggie garden around the back. Dad and I introduced ourselves and explained the situation that this city girl and her block of land were in. But he couldn’t help us – his tractor wasn’t registered to drive into town. But he pointed out that he had just cut the very tall grass in his yard with his mower. And we could just borrow that if we wanted.

What do you do when a stranger whose home you have just come into uninvited offers to lend you their equipment? Well, we thought the most polite thing to do was accept! We went home and got the trailer and after a quick lesson were driving off with his ride-on mower in the back.

I was a bit overwhelmed by this generosity. It is certainly an advertisement for country life. So while Dad got started on the grass, I picked some lemons and made some lemon yo-yo biscuits. Which I had never done before – and am not sure it is a good thing that I know how simple and delicious they are now! Sugary goodness!

Once my ‘thank you biscuits’ were cooling I went up to take my shift on the mower.

This is where Dad was up to.


Yes the grass is higher than the mower. But it worked.

I felt bad for leaving Dad to mow half the block. So I got on – and immediately felt bad for taking Dad’s job away from him. Riding on the mower is heaps of fun!

One we had packed up I whipped back into the kitchen and iced the yo-yos and sewed up a little bag from baking paper. Then I drew a little ‘thank you for saving me from getting lost in the grass!’ tag.


It made me realise that in all my thinking about setting up a home in the country I’ve always thought about seeing more of my family and ‘getting away’ from the city. I haven’t thought much about becoming part of a community and meeting new people. This was a little insight into that I guess.

That and I need to buy myself a mower!