I headed into this weekend with two whole days to spend working on my block. Yay!

On Friday night after attending a work function in the next town, I did some late-night shopping at Bunnings. A silk dress and heels is not what I normally wear to buy hardware – I felt like a bit of a weirdo, but there were only about 3 people in store so at least I made things interesting for the poor bored staff. Plus I started Saturday with everything I needed to get stuff done!

These three have been hanging around all week

The first job was to build and fill some little garden beds I got on sale at ALDI. They are going to be herb gardens. I’ve filled them with pea straw a cow manure and am waiting for that to break down a little before planting. They are super cute!

Just imagine these, but with parsley

After cutting back some of the lawn/weeds, I turned my attention to the big caravan. I cleared out a whole stack of stuff that had been sitting in there for a long while. I don’t think I’d realised just how much junk was hanging around and how difficult it was making it to identify and tackle the next stage of destruction/construction. It always felt so overwhelming.

I’ve been collecting foam mattresses apparently…

Once I cleared that away, I was able to get to the walls. I am not going to use any of the old wiring in this van – firstly, I don’t trust it and secondly, too much was damaged in demolition.

You can see all the switches and wires hanging out of the walls

So I went through and removed all the remaining switches and fixtures and cut back or removed all the wires. Then I was able to fill the holes with putty. It felt like actual progress! I’ve always found pulling stuff apart the easy bit of this process, so was good to get back in the swing of things  (particularly swinging my hammer and smashing stuff!)

Today, Sunday, we made a start on covering over the holes left where we removed the wheel arches. These holes have been niggling at me for a VERY long time! I picked up the timber I needed on Friday night and Dad and I played a giant jigsaw game. The tricky bit was nothing being square – horizontally or vertically. So there was lots of fiddly measuring and lots of finding bits and pieces to re-use to create braces and beams. But eventually, it fit!

Before and after

This hole is bigger because the flooring under the old shower had rotted away

I need to get another (bigger) piece of timber to fill the last section, then it will just be a case of filling smaller gaps.

I have been thinking about how to fill that big hole in the floor for so long, it was almost surreal when we slotted the piece in and I could stand on it. I was so happy!

I’ve finished the day with a real feeling of accomplishment – there is so much left to do, but I feel like in just a few days I’ve managed to clear some big roadblocks. Now things become less structural, more patching and filling. The next step is to get the walls in some sort of decent state – then the floors! Cannot wait!

But now, sleep x