I designed the space in my larger caravan to be multi-functional. Up one end I built a desk and have stored my art supplies. In the middle is an open space, with a trestle table that can move around as I need it.

It is working pretty well. When I sit at the desk I look out over my block toward the forest, which is great.

The desk is big enough that I can store various painting implements up one end.

I have a little wardrobe that my Mum bought when I was little. It has shelves in it now and is full (very full) of sketchbooks. Full.

My paint and ink and pencils etc are in these little drawers from Ikea. The drawers pull out, which is handy when I want to paint outside. I feel so fortunate to have a place that is just for my own creative pursuits. I can keep my art supplies set up and accessible, which I do not take for granted after years having them in boxes and under beds.

I put a drop cloth down in the central space and paint on an easel, or put my mat down for yoga, or just do silly dances. It is nice having a large flexible space.

Here is a little look at what the space was like during demolition and what it is like now: