When I first moved into my van, I only had a little gas camp stove to cook on. It was cute and I felt like Miss Honey, but it wasn’t very practical. 

I did manage to make some pretty yummy meals though!

Then I upgraded to a portable convection cooktop. I am not exaggerating when I say – it is the best! It heats up quickly, is easy and simple to use and clean and it takes up no space.

I set up my simple little kitchen outside – it is undercover and I really enjoy cooking outdoors.

Once it got a coat of paint it looked totally profesh. (Yes, I painted flowers on my bathroom door).

Now my outdoor kitchen setup includes a washing machine (covered in a floral vinyl tablecloth of course) a kettle and a container to keep everything clean and dry (mainly from the frosts).

I thought I would have to move cooking inside once the weather turned colder, but it is going ok so far. Most things I cook quickly and if I am cooking a curry or something that takes longer, I can go inside and have a cup of tea and watch it from in where it is warm. At this stage, it is still preferable to cooking in the enclosed space of a caravan and never getting rid of the cooking smells (which is something I was warned about by people who know).