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Getting stuff DONE!

I headed into this weekend with two whole days to spend working on my block. Yay!

On Friday night after attending a work function in the next town, I did some late-night shopping at Bunnings. A silk dress and heels is not what I normally wear to buy hardware – I felt like a bit of a weirdo, but there were only about 3 people in store so at least I made things interesting for the poor bored staff. Plus I started Saturday with everything I needed to get stuff done!

These three have been hanging around all week

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Grass grows

People are nice. Sometimes you forget that. Which makes it all the sweeter when a nice person reminds you.

Over the winter months I did not get much of a chance to get up to my block. When I did get up there last weekend it was to discover that the winter rain had been pretty good to the grass. Very good in fact.


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