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Stars and Goddesses

I’ve discovered a growing connection to the earth over the past months.

Moving here was never logical – leaving my family and friends and life in the city doesn’t make any sense. Somehow though I was drawn to do it and knew I would be restless until I did.

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Hill life

It has been a little while now since I moved into my little cabin* up here on my little hill. It is tiny and pretty and I love it.

I love the home I have created, mostly because I love the environment in which it allows me to live.

I love being wrapped in the stars at night. I love watching the birds go about their business as if I am a normal part of it. I love the trees silently standing guard over my days.

The pace here is in time with the beat of my spirit. The days wait for me to be ready to start them.

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Time brings what it will

I feel that because it has been such a long time that I have been doing this… let’s call it a ‘project’ – that I need to somehow explain what has been happening. I haven’t written anything because I wasn’t comfortable with sharing something that wasn’t finished. My writing or my project. I have managed to shake the idea that I need to perfectly wrap up four years of activities into one neat post. Instead I’m just going to try to write about what I know now.

*Deep breath*

mirror clock

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