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The outside of my van has gone from a demolition site, a storage shed and back again many times. When I was in Melbourne, it was a convenient place for Dad to store his boat, or trailer, or spare BBQs or those tires he picked up that he thought might fit his trailer. Between that and both of us holding onto things that ‘might come in handy’ later (it’s salvage not hoarding, honest), it was always a bit of a mess.

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Creating a place to create

I designed the space in my larger caravan to be multi-functional. Up one end I built a desk and have stored my art supplies. In the middle is an open space, with a trestle table that can move around as I need it.

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Look up

I have had some weekends in a row at home, just pottering around. I broke my foot so was not very mobile for a while. This for me means I was a tad behind in housework. Time at home to do laundry and tidy things up was called for.

So, of course, last weekend I painted my kitchen doors. I had the paint and I had the time – I had to do it. (I also did laundry, just FYI)

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Toodle Loo

I was thankful to have a shower and toilet on the block when I bought it. I’m not evolved enough yet to be able to live without running hot water.

A few things needed to be done before I could use it properly though and so getting the bathroom done was a key thing to finish so I could move in.

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What a difference a day makes

I guess it was two years ago that I got excited and bought floating floorboards for my van. They have been stacked ever since, patiently waiting for me to lay them. Today was the day!

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A splash of colour

I have two little caravans in my block. The littler one is a little… drab.

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