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Stripping the shower

I found some photos of the early demolition stage of my van – from back in early 2013.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago, but it says it right there on the files! I have to remember to focus on how far I have come rather than how long it took. These pics really show how much there was to do.

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Toodle Loo

I was thankful to have a shower and toilet on the block when I bought it. I’m not evolved enough yet to be able to live without running hot water.

A few things needed to be done before I could use it properly though and so getting the bathroom done was a key thing to finish so I could move in.

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A look around

I have been unpacking all my things! It’s amazing!

I made this little video to show my friend in London what I have been up to and I thought you might like to see as well 🙂

Moving in

It has been a busy time! I made a flying visit to Melbourne to buy some furniture and pick up some things from my Mum’s garage.

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Skirts and shelves

I am still on a high about my floors! Plus I have been to the hardware store!

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What a difference a day makes

I guess it was two years ago that I got excited and bought floating floorboards for my van. They have been stacked ever since, patiently waiting for me to lay them. Today was the day!

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Just do it

Construction has stalled somewhat on my van. I think some things have become bigger obstacles in my head than they actually were. I put this down to my lack of construction experience (who’d have thought).

But it’s a new year and I have a couple of weeks off work, so now is the time to pull on my boots and get building!
(In the most fashion-forward outfit I can muster, obviously)

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Holes holes holes!

So it’s been a tricky few months trying to get project stuff done. The weather has not been great and when it has been ok it seems I’ve been away with work.

But for the past 2 weekends I’ve had TWO WHOLE DAYS to do work. And it has been great getting stuff done. Mostly I’ve been patching holes. And there are lots of holes.

The floor is now solid and sealed – you cannot even see outside! Amazing! And all various screw holes, vent pipes and other random bits are filled.

I even had time to sand and undercoat some walls and paint the whole ceiling. The advantage of a caravan is you don’t need a ladder to paint the ceiling!

I painted one wall blue, which I love. Art will look great on it and it will bring the outside in. The white undercoat looks pretty average, but I think I will leave it white for now, just so there is enough light in my studio. Which actually feels like is not that far away!


Today at work I rearranged the art in our window gallery. At work. Because that is my job now!

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Getting stuff DONE!

I headed into this weekend with two whole days to spend working on my block. Yay!

On Friday night after attending a work function in the next town, I did some late-night shopping at Bunnings. A silk dress and heels is not what I normally wear to buy hardware – I felt like a bit of a weirdo, but there were only about 3 people in store so at least I made things interesting for the poor bored staff. Plus I started Saturday with everything I needed to get stuff done!

These three have been hanging around all week

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