I live in a small space, but I’m not really into minimalism. I like tabletops to be clear and I like things to be away in their place. But I like to be able to look at nice things.


I have lots of little things – some from when I was little, some from travels, some are gifts.    

I built shelves at both ends of my van just so I could put pictures, books and mementos on them.

The way I managed to find a balance of all these bits and pieces in such a tiny space was to only keep things that make me happy.

The toy animals – they are from my friend’s wedding. My friend gave me that pebble when I first went overseas to keep me company and remind me of home. The candles are from the day I went walking around in Swaziland.  The toy baby with the eyes that roll back into its head is… well, actually I just think it is funny.

I live here by myself, far away from most of my friends and family. Every photo is of someone I love, or somewhere I’ve been. I’m surrounded by traces of my 38 years of existence – the things that make my heart sing. I like being able to see them.