Stars and Goddesses

I’ve discovered a growing connection to the earth over the past months.

Moving here was never logical – leaving my family and friends and life in the city doesn’t make any sense. Somehow though I was drawn to do it and knew I would be restless until I did.

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The outside of my van has gone from a demolition site, a storage shed and back again many times. When I was in Melbourne, it was a convenient place for Dad to store his boat, or trailer, or spare BBQs or those tires he picked up that he thought might fit his trailer. Between that and both of us holding onto things that ‘might come in handy’ later (it’s salvage not hoarding, honest), it was always a bit of a mess.

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Cooking en plein air

When I first moved into my van, I only had a little gas camp stove to cook on. It was cute and I felt like Miss Honey, but it wasn’t very practical. 

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Creating a place to create

I designed the space in my larger caravan to be multi-functional. Up one end I built a desk and have stored my art supplies. In the middle is an open space, with a trestle table that can move around as I need it.

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Walk in wardobe

I have enough clothes. I have more than enough.
Yet as it gets colder I look at my clothes and think – ‘ah, what am I going to wear?’.

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Look up

I have had some weekends in a row at home, just pottering around. I broke my foot so was not very mobile for a while. This for me means I was a tad behind in housework. Time at home to do laundry and tidy things up was called for.

So, of course, last weekend I painted my kitchen doors. I had the paint and I had the time – I had to do it. (I also did laundry, just FYI)

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Hill life

It has been a little while now since I moved into my little cabin* up here on my little hill. It is tiny and pretty and I love it.

I love the home I have created, mostly because I love the environment in which it allows me to live.

I love being wrapped in the stars at night. I love watching the birds go about their business as if I am a normal part of it. I love the trees silently standing guard over my days.

The pace here is in time with the beat of my spirit. The days wait for me to be ready to start them.

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A bit sketchy

Over the years that this was a project I was ‘working on’, it was actually something I wasn’t able to physically work on much. It was about 400kms away for starters and life got in the way.

But, it wasn’t often far from my thoughts. I couldn’t actually do much to work on the space, but I could work on the ideas. Even before I took possession, I had started exploring ideas using Google Sketchup. Look, I’m visual and detail-oriented so 3D design software just made sense. If I have an idea, I want to see if it will work. So, here is the progress of my ideas over time.

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All these little things

I live in a small space, but I’m not really into minimalism. I like tabletops to be clear and I like things to be away in their place. But I like to be able to look at nice things.

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Sleep (not so) tight

For a long time, I did not think I would be able to fit my queen sized bed into my van. When I realised I could, I was thrilled.

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